Bad boy – Abdelkader Benali

  • author: Abdelkader Benali
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Bad Boy is the story of Amir Salim, a shy young man from a working-class neighborhood who transforms into one of the most feared and acclaimed kickboxers of all time. Nothing and no one seems to stand in his way, until he falls when he is accused of molesting an advertising man. The world in which he has built his hero status makes him fall like a brick overnight. The only one standing by his side is his old school friend Mo, who still knows him as a vulnerable, insecure boy. And now this. Amir, the famous fighter, was hired to find a lost group of travelers. In Morocco, the homeland of his parents. A bizarre situation, yes. But perhaps appropriate for the condition he was in anyway. All the crap he’d gotten into. Just as everything seemed to be in bloom, it started to wither and stink.

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